Palmhouse Foundation began rather informally through the philanthropic efforts of the Founder Trustees. Initially, Eric and Margaret set out to assist needy families and farmers supplying milk to Palmhouse Dairies in Githunguri in the late 90s. The support was unstructured and based purely on the desperate cases presented by mainly peasant farmers from the area.
The increasing appeals motivated the Founder Trustees to formalize their support, leading to establishment and registration of Palmhouse Foundation in 2002 under the Trust Act and the NGO Coordination Act. With this formal registration came the need to demonstrate good corporate governance in the operations of the Foundation.
Over time, the Foundation has grown steadily with 10 trustees and 15 members of Oversight and Advisory Board to build a base of efficient and effective operating structures of the Foundation.
The Foundation now has over 1000 beneficiaries, over 700 have completed their secondary education and many are pursuing their post-secondary both locally and overseas while the rest are still in over 100 of Kenya’s National secondary schools.

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