“In the space between stimulus and response lies your ability to choose”

I am in my room in a place called Chia, just outside Bogota as I pen this now familiar feature of my website. I am in Colombia to open and attend a four day Latin America workshop for HelpAge International. A similar workshop took place in Nairobi the week of 15th September 2008.

The past fortnight has been exciting and busy dominated by three public speaking engagements and three board meetings, among other things.

02 August

I joined Rotary nearly 23 years ago (in 1990) a relatively young man approaching 30, courtesy of my then Immediate boss Rotarian David White who is still an active member of the RC of Karen. Like the many new members inducted in Rotary, I knew little about it but I quickly made my mark by serving diligently in many committees, I became treasurer in my third year and chaired many committees as time went by. 11 years later I was nominated Club President.

A talk delivered by Eric Kimani to the Federation of Women Lawyers of Kenya at a Mombasa hotel on 10th August 2007.

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