The Abundance Perspective of the Week VII & VIII

In the space between stimulus and response lies your ability to choose.

I am in my room in a place called Chia, just outside Bogota as I pen this now familiar feature of my website. I am in Colombia to open and attend a four day Latin America workshop for HelpAge International. A similar workshop took place in Nairobi the week of 15th September 2008.

The past fortnight has been exciting and busy dominated by three public speaking engagements and three board meetings, among other things.

The highlight of the speaking engagements was one at Nairobi Pentecostal Church, NPC, for Christ is the Answer Ministries Annual Convention on the afternoon of 27th. I enjoyed talking on “Kingdom Financing” but like all talks shared from the heart, it was totally exhausting!

Thursday through Sunday found me and my wife Margaret at Hemingways in Malindi on a board of directors retreat for one of the organizations I serve on the board. Valuable time was spent with our spouses while we took time to review the short and medium term plan for the business. It is interesting to see how far a shared common vision can take an organization. It was a great learning and sharing experience.

Monday night I was back to the coast to speak at a conference in Mombasa attended by 250 National, Provincial and District leadership of the Division of Leprosy, Tuberculosis and Lung Disease, DLTLD, of the Ministry of health. Like I always do when honored to have such a diverse Kenyan group, I spoke first on being “Proudly Kenyan”. Some people said this was the first time they sang our national anthem in years! It rekindled nationalism for many. I then spoke on the sticky subject of civil service performance. I challenged the group to higher levels of performance and advised those who feel better called to business to get out and do so. As usual, people took out different lessons with for example one young man walking to me after the talk and telling me I have given him the push to take “the plunge” into business! Others came to say they have found new energy to give civil service their best shot! The group sounded truly inspired.

Thursday was an unusually busy day. It started with Palmhouse Foundation board of trustees meeting at Parklands Sports Club at 7a.m. Then followed the I and M Bank Board Audit Committee which I had to chair after the recent tragic loss of Brian Rogers, our long serving chair of this committee. The afternoon was taken up by a most exciting Board of Directors meeting for Palmhouse Dairies Limited with three of our independent non executive board members present for the first time. It is amazing what synergy different people bring to a discussion! Diversity is key to business success and I always pity people who look for like minded people or those who agree with them to work with.

I spent all Friday in the office getting ready for the “Scarcity Versus Abundance” talk at Mavuno Church later in the evening and preparing for my trip to Latin America later in the same evening. Mavuno Church is a vibrant and exciting congregation of largely younger professionals. I was amazed to see hundreds of younger people turn up for a Friday night talk!! My wife made a comment that explains why the popularity of this church by saying that that was a church she would recommend to our children! I took the midnight BA flight to London.

It never ceases to amaze me how the average age of BA cabin crew is much higher than any of the airlines I fly before particularly compared to KQ and Emirates! Obviously Britain does not have the same unemployment challenges but being in the service industry, they should rethink their strategy. I slept relatively well despite the economy travel. I find Heathrow a most efficient airport and in no time after arrival we were in the new terminal 5 and on-board BA 207 to Miami at 9.30 a.m. Miami airport, like many US entry airports is intimidating and slow. Bogota airport would receive my highest rating; I was in a taxi within half an hour of arrival having cleared immigration and customs! It is funny 30 hours of travel is no longer so tiring!

I woke up this morning to the cool air of the high altitude of Bogota at 2500 meters above sea level to write this and hope someone will enjoy reading!

Have an abundant week!