Testimony II

I read your speech recently on afrojobs, a social network in EA/Tanzania reading as, “VISIBILITY- THE GATEWAY TO CAREER SUCCESS to World Vision Kenya Leadership Development Initiative on 23rd August 2007 and it amazes me through you to see what potential there is in East Africa!

I like your key slogan; motto: “Those who work for money alone, and receive nothing as their pay but money, are always under paid!”

Let me say one thing, on reading another line; as i paste it here;

8. Learn new things. Read widely. Have much general knowledge. The world in my view is led more by the generalists than the specialist.

It amazes me how much general knowledge successful people have. Embrace change.

I support you strongly. Yet I have found that we don’t invest much in publishing and advertising writing and reading. That is why I have tried to come up with a chapter on why should people read and write books. Willy Jolley quotes that “Readers are Leaders!”

I happen to have worked with your fellow countrymen while I served with Celtel today Zain Mike Dabally currently CCO with Zain Kenya and Yesse MD Uganda and I learned a lot from them.

Probably they inspired me to write a number of books as I attach for you so we can one day discuss about them.

One of my interesting chapters in one of these books is roughly; “Empowering Local People, a Case Study of East Africa; Lessons from why they Employ Kenyans!” I will be honest I learn a lot from you fellow east Africans!

Congratulations for wonderful and inspirational speech!